SunPy lightcurve


The lightcurve submodule has been replaced with the sunpy.timeseries module. It will be removed in a future version.


One of core classes in SunPy is a LightCurve or timeseries. A number of instruments are supported through subclasses of the base LightCurve class. To see Instrument LightCurve Classes for a list of all of them.

Creating a LightCurve

LightCurves can either be creating manually or automatically by downloading their own data (the most common case). Too create a custom LightCurve see the example in the class documentation below. Subclasses of LightCurve for specific instrument provide their own methods for downloading their data. For more information see Instrument LightCurve Classes.

Instrument LightCurve Classes

The generic method to create an instrument-specific LightCurve find the instrument subclass of interest and follow the following example:

>>> from sunpy.lightcurve import GOESLightCurve
>>> from sunpy.time import TimeRange
>>> tr = TimeRange('2013/07/21', '2013/07/22')
>>> goes = GOESLightCurve.create(tr)  

The create method will go off and download the data needed to populate the instance. The following instrument classes are supported.

sunpy.lightcurve Package

SunPy’s LightCurve module provides a datatype for 1D time series data.

The objects also include data downloaders for their specific instruments, they also support instantiation from files such as csv.


EVELightCurve(data[, meta]) SDO EVE LightCurve for level 0CS data.
GBMSummaryLightCurve(data[, meta]) Fermi/GBM Summary Lightcurve.
GOESLightCurve(data[, meta]) GOES XRS LightCurve
LYRALightCurve(data[, meta]) Proba-2 LYRA LightCurve.
LightCurve(filepath) A generic light curve object.
LogicalLightCurve(data[, meta]) Logical LightCurve with only True and False values.
NOAAIndicesLightCurve(data[, meta]) NOAA Solar Cycle monthly indices.
NOAAPredictIndicesLightCurve(data[, meta]) NOAA Solar Cycle Predicted Progression The predictions are updated monthly and are produced by ISES.
NoRHLightCurve(data[, meta]) Nobeyama Radioheliograph Correlation LightCurve.
RHESSISummaryLightCurve(data[, meta]) RHESSI X-ray Summary LightCurve.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of sunpy.lightcurve.sources.eve.EVELightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.sources.fermi_gbm.GBMSummaryLightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.sources.goes.GOESLightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.sources.lyra.LYRALightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.lightcurve.LightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.sources.logical.LogicalLightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.sources.noaa.NOAAIndicesLightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.sources.noaa.NOAAPredictIndicesLightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.sources.norh.NoRHLightCurve, sunpy.lightcurve.sources.rhessi.RHESSISummaryLightCurve