sunpy.wcs.convert_hpc_hg(x, y, b0_deg=0, l0_deg=0, dsun_meters=None, angle_units='arcsec')[source] [edit on github]

Deprecated since version 0.8.0: The convert_hpc_hg function is deprecated and may be removed in a future version. Use sunpy.coordinates instead.

Convert from Helioprojective-Cartesian (HPC) to Heliographic coordinates (HG) in degrees.

  • y (x,) – Data coordinate in angle units.
  • b0 (float (degrees)) – Tilt of the solar North rotational axis toward the observer (heliographic latitude of the observer). Usually given as SOLAR_B0, HGLT_OBS, or CRLT_OBS. Default is 0.
  • l0 (float (degrees)) – Carrington longitude of central meridian as seen from Earth. Default is 0.
  • dsun_meters (float (meters)) – Distance between the observer and the Sun.
  • angle_units (str) – Units used for input x and y. Default is arcsec.

out (ndarray (degrees)) – The data coordinates (hglongitude, hglatitude) in Heliographic coordinates.


Uses equations 15 and 12 in Thompson (2006), A&A, 449, 791-803.


>>> import sunpy.wcs
>>> sunpy.wcs.convert_hpc_hg(382, 748, b0_deg=-7.064078, l0_deg=0.0)
(34.50465343991467, 45.44314327551818)