sunpy.wcs.convert_hg_hcc(hglon_deg, hglat_deg, b0_deg=0, l0_deg=0, occultation=False, z=False, r=695508000.0)[source] [edit on github]

Deprecated since version 0.8.0: The convert_hg_hcc function is deprecated and may be removed in a future version. Use sunpy.coordinates instead.

Convert from Stonyhurst Heliographic coordinates (given in degrees) to Heliocentric-Cartesian coordinates (given in meters).

  • hglat_deg (hglon_deg,) – Heliographic longitude and latitude in degrees.
  • b0_deg (float (degrees)) – Tilt of the solar North rotational axis toward the observer (heliographic latitude of the observer). Usually given as SOLAR_B0, HGLT_OBS, or CRLT_OBS. Default is 0.
  • l0_deg (float (degrees)) – Carrington longitude of central meridian as seen from Earth. Default is 0.
  • occultation (Bool) – If true set all points behind the Sun (e.g. not visible) to Nan.
  • z (Bool) – If true return the z coordinate as well.
  • r (float (meters)) – Heliographic radius

out (ndarray (meters)) – The data coordinates in Heliocentric-Cartesian coordinates.


Implements Eq. (11) of Thompson (2006), A&A, 449, 791, with the default assumption that the value ‘r’ in Eq. (11) is identical to the radius of the Sun.


>>> import sunpy.wcs
>>> sunpy.wcs.convert_hg_hcc(0.01873188196651189, 3.6599471896203317,
...                          r=704945784.41465974, z=True)
(230000.0, 45000000.0, 703508000.0)