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TRACE Image Map

The Transition Region and Coronal Explorer was a NASA Small Explorer (SMEX) mission to image the solar corona and transition region at high angular and temporal resolution. TRACE observed the Sun in the following passbands, 5000 A, 1700 A, 1600 A, 1550 A (C IV), 1216 A (H1 Lyman-alpha), 173 A (Fe IX), 195 A (Fe XII), and 284 A (Fe XV). TRACE provides solar images with an 8.5 x 8.5 arcminute field of view and 0.5 arcsecond pixels. It was placed in a sun-synchronous orbit, enabling it to make continuous solar observations.

The TRACE mission operated was launched on 2 April 1998 and obtained its last science image on 6 June 2010 23:56 UT.



Note that this map definition is currently only being tested on JPEG2000 files. TRACE FITS data is stored in a more complex format. Typically TRACE data is stored in hourly “tri” files that store all the data taken by TRACE in the hour indicated by the filename. Those files must first be understood and parsed to obtain the science data. The ability to do this is not yet in SunPy, but is available in SSWIDL. Please refer to the links above concerning how to read “tri” files in SSWIDL.

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Returns the measurement type.

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is_datasource_for(data, header, **kwargs)

Determines if header corresponds to an TRACE image

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Returns the measurement type.

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classmethod is_datasource_for(data, header, **kwargs)[source]

Determines if header corresponds to an TRACE image