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Hinode SOT Image Map definition.

The Hinode Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) consists of a 50 cm diffraction-limited Gregorian telescope. It is optimized for accurate measurement of the vector magnetic field in the photosphere and dynamics of both the photosphere and chromosphere associated with the magnetic fields.

Hinode was launched on 22 September 2006 into a sun-synchronous orbit.


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is_datasource_for(data, header, **kwargs)

Determines if header corresponds to an SOT image.

Attributes Documentation

Instruments = ['SOT/WB', 'SOT/NB', 'SOT/SP', 'SOT/CT']
Observation_Type = ['FG (simple)', 'FG focus scan', 'FG shuttered I and V', 'FG shutterless I and V', 'FG shutterless I and V with 0.2s intervals', 'FG shutterless Stokes', 'SP IQUV 4D array']
Waves = ['6302A', 'BFI no move', 'CN bandhead 3883', 'Ca II H line', 'G band 4305', 'NFI no move', 'TF Fe I 6302', 'TF Mg I 5172', 'TF Na I 5896', 'blue cont 4504', 'green cont 5550', 'red cont 6684']

Methods Documentation

classmethod is_datasource_for(data, header, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Determines if header corresponds to an SOT image.