Deprecated since version 2.0: The aiaprep function is deprecated and may be removed in version 2.1. Use register in aiapy ( for converting AIA images to level 1.5 instead.

Processes a level 1 AIAMap into a level 1.5 AIAMap.

Rotates, scales and translates the image so that solar North is aligned with the y axis, each pixel is 0.6 arcsec across, and the center of the Sun is at the center of the image. The actual transformation is done by Map’s rotate method.

This function is similar in functionality to aia_prep in SSWIDL, but it does not use the same transformation to rotate the image and it handles the meta data differently. It should therefore not be expected to produce the same results.


aiamap (AIAMap) – A from AIA.


AIAMap – A level 1.5 copy of AIAMap.


This routine modifies the header information to the standard PCi_j WCS formalism. The FITS header resulting in saving a file after this procedure will therefore differ from the original file.