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Solar Orbiter Map subclass definitions.
import astropy.units as u
from astropy.coordinates import CartesianRepresentation
from astropy.visualization import AsinhStretch, ImageNormalize

from sunpy.coordinates import HeliocentricInertial
from import GenericMap
from import source_stretch

__all__ = ['EUIMap']

[docs] class EUIMap(GenericMap): """ EUI Image Map The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) is a remote sensing instrument onboard the Solar Orbiter (SolO) spacecraft. EUI has three telescopes that image the Sun in Lyman-alpha (1216 Å) and the EUV (174 Å and 304 Å). The three telescopes are the Full Sun Imager (FSI) and two High Resolution Imagers (HRI). The FSI images the whole Sun in both 174 Å and 304 Å. The EUV and Lyman-alpha HRI telescopes image a 1000"-by-1000" patch in 174 Å and 1216 Å, respectively. References ---------- * `Solar Orbiter Mission Page <>`__ * `EUI Instrument Page <>`__ * `Instrument Paper <>`__ """ def __init__(self, data, header, **kwargs): super().__init__(data, header, **kwargs) self._nickname = self.detector self.plot_settings['norm'] = ImageNormalize( stretch=source_stretch(self.meta, AsinhStretch(0.01)), clip=False) @property def _rotation_matrix_from_crota(self): return super()._rotation_matrix_from_crota(crota_key='CROTA') @property def processing_level(self): if self.meta.get('level'): # The level number is prepended by the letter L return int(self.meta.get('level')[1:]) @property def date(self): # Prioritize date-average over date-obs return self.date_average or super().date @property def waveunit(self): # EUI JP2000 files do not have the WAVEUNIT key in the metadata. # However, the FITS files do. # The EUI metadata spec says the WAVELNTH key is always expressed # in Angstroms so we assume this if the WAVEUNIT is missing. return super().waveunit or u.Angstrom @property def _supported_observer_coordinates(self): return [(('hcix_obs', 'hciy_obs', 'hciz_obs'), {'x': self.meta.get('hcix_obs'), 'y': self.meta.get('hciy_obs'), 'z': self.meta.get('hciz_obs'), 'unit': u.m, 'representation_type': CartesianRepresentation, 'frame': HeliocentricInertial})] + super()._supported_observer_coordinates
[docs] @classmethod def is_datasource_for(cls, data, header, **kwargs): """Determines if header corresponds to an EUI image""" is_solo = 'solar orbiter' in str(header.get('obsrvtry', '')).lower() is_eui = str(header.get('instrume', '')).startswith('EUI') return is_solo and is_eui