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import astropy.units as u

from import GenericMap, SpatialPair

__all__ = ['RHESSIMap']

[docs] class RHESSIMap(GenericMap): """ RHESSI Image Map. The RHESSI mission consists of a single spin-stabilized spacecraft in a low-altitude orbit inclined 38 degrees to the Earth's equator. The only instrument on board is an Germaniun imaging spectrometer with the ability to obtain high fidelity solar images in X rays (down to 3 keV) to gamma rays (1 MeV). RHESSI provides an angular resolution of 2 arcseconds at X-ray energies below ~40 keV, 7 arcseconds to 400 keV, and 36 arcseconds for gamma-ray lines and continuum above 1 MeV. RHESSI was launched on 5 February 2002. References ---------- * RHESSI Homepage `<>`_ * Mission Paper `<>`_ .. warning:: Cannot read fits files containing more than one image. """ def __init__(self, data, header, **kwargs): super().__init__(data, header, **kwargs) self._nickname = self.detector self.plot_settings['cmap'] = 'rhessi' def _get_cmap_name(self): return "rhessi" @property def _timesys(self): """ RHESSI maps can incorrectly use the TIMESYS keyword for the reference time. If this is the case, returns the FITS default UTC. """ if ('TIMESYS' in self.meta and self.meta['keycomments']['TIMESYS'] == 'Reference Time'): return 'UTC' else: return super()._timesys def _rotation_matrix_from_crota(self): """ RHESSI maps can have their rotation in CROTA. """ return super()._rotation_matrix_from_crota(crota_key='CROTA') @property def spatial_units(self): """ If CTYPE{1 or 2} are equal to 'arcsec', assumes that CTYPE{1 or 2} respectively are intended to be 'arcsec'. """ units = [self.meta.get('cunit1', None), self.meta.get('cunit2', None)] if self.meta['ctype1'] == 'arcsec': units[0] = 'arcsec' if self.meta['ctype2'] == 'arcsec': units[1] = 'arcsec' units = [None if unit is None else u.Unit(unit.lower()) for unit in units] return SpatialPair(units[0], units[1]) @property def coordinate_system(self): """ If CTYPE{1 or 2} are equal to 'arcsec', assumes that CTYPE{1 or 2} respectively are intended to be 'HPLN-TAN' or 'HPLT-TAN'. """ ctype1, ctype2 = self.meta['ctype1'], self.meta['ctype2'] if ctype1 == 'arcsec': ctype1 = 'HPLN-TAN' if ctype2 == 'arcsec': ctype2 = 'HPLT-TAN' return SpatialPair(ctype1, ctype2) @property def waveunit(self): """ If the WAVEUNIT FITS keyword is not present, defaults to keV. """ unit = self.meta.get("waveunit", 'keV') return u.Unit(unit) @property def wavelength(self): return u.Quantity([self.meta['energy_l'], self.meta['energy_h']], unit=self.waveunit) @property def detector(self): return self.meta['telescop']
[docs] @classmethod def is_datasource_for(cls, data, header, **kwargs): """Determines if header corresponds to an RHESSI image""" return header.get('instrume') == 'RHESSI'