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import os
from pathlib import Path
from datetime import datetime
from urllib.request import urlopen

import astropy.units as u
from astropy.time import TimeDelta

from sunpy.util.exceptions import warn_user
from import get_filename
from sunpy.util.util import hash_file

__all__ = ['Cache']

[docs]class Cache: """ Cache provides a way to download and cache files. Parameters ---------- downloader: Implementation of `` Downloader object for downloading remote files. storage: Implementation of `` Storage to store metadata about the files. cache_dir: `str` or `pathlib.Path` Directory where the downloaded files will be stored. expiry: `astropy.units.quantity.Quantity` or `None`, optional The interval after which the cache is invalidated. If the expiry is `None`, then the expiry is not checked. Defaults to 10 days. """ def __init__(self, downloader, storage, cache_dir, expiry=10* self._downloader = downloader self._storage = storage self._cache_dir = Path(cache_dir) self._expiry = expiry if expiry is None else TimeDelta(expiry)
[docs] def download(self, urls, namespace='', redownload=False): """ Downloads the files from the urls. The overall flow of this function is: 1. If ``redownload``: Download, update cache and return file path. 2. If not ``redownload``: Check cache, i. If present in cache: - If cache has expired, remove the entry from cache, download and add to cache - If cache has not expired, return the path Parameters ---------- urls : `list` or `str` A list of urls or a single url. redownload : `bool` Whether to skip cache and redownload. Returns ------- `pathlib.PosixPath` Path to the downloaded file. """ if isinstance(urls, str): urls = [urls] # Program flow # 1. If redownload: Download, update cache and return file path # 2. If not redownload: Check cache, # i. If present in cache: # - If cache expired, remove entry from cache, download and add to cache # - If cache not expired, return path details = None for url in urls: details = self._get_by_url(url) if details: break if details: if redownload or self._has_expired(details): # if file is in cache and it has to be redownloaded or the cache has expired # then remove the file and delete the details from the storage os.remove(details['file_path']) self._storage.delete_by_key('url', details['url']) else: return Path(details['file_path']) file_path, file_hash, url = self._download_and_hash(urls, namespace){ 'file_hash': file_hash, 'file_path': str(file_path), 'url': url, 'time':, }) return file_path
def _has_expired(self, details): """ Whether the url corresponding to details in cache has expired or not. Parameters ---------- details : `dict` Details detached from cache. Returns ------- `bool` Whether the url has expired or not. """ time = details.get("time", time = datetime.fromisoformat(time) return self._expiry and - time > self._expiry
[docs] def get_by_hash(self, sha_hash): """ Returns the details which is matched by hash if present in cache. Parameters ---------- sha_hash : `str` SHA-256 hash of the file. """ details = self._storage.find_by_key('file_hash', sha_hash) return details
def _get_by_url(self, url): """ Returns the details which is matched by url if present in cache. Parameters ---------- url : `str` URL of the file. """ details = self._storage.find_by_key('url', url) return details def _download_and_hash(self, urls, namespace=''): """ Downloads the file and returns the path, hash and url it used to download. Parameters ---------- urls : `list` List of urls. Returns ------- `str`, `str`, `str` Path, hash and URL of the file. """ def download(url): path = self._cache_dir / (namespace + get_filename(urlopen(url), url)), path) shahash = hash_file(path) return path, shahash, url errors = [] for url in urls: try: return download(url) except Exception as e: warn_user(f"{e}") errors.append(f"{e}") else: raise RuntimeError(errors)