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This module provides a set of colormaps specific for solar data.
from copy import deepcopy

import as mplcm
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

from import color_tables as ct

__all__ = ['show_colormaps', 'cmlist']

sdoaia94 = ct.aia_color_table(94)
sdoaia131 = ct.aia_color_table(131)
sdoaia171 = ct.aia_color_table(171)
sdoaia193 = ct.aia_color_table(193)
sdoaia211 = ct.aia_color_table(211)
sdoaia304 = ct.aia_color_table(304)
sdoaia335 = ct.aia_color_table(335)
sdoaia1600 = ct.aia_color_table(1600)
sdoaia1700 = ct.aia_color_table(1700)
sdoaia4500 = ct.aia_color_table(4500)

sohoeit171 = ct.eit_color_table(171)
sohoeit195 = ct.eit_color_table(195)
sohoeit284 = ct.eit_color_table(284)
sohoeit304 = ct.eit_color_table(304)

# The color tables below returns one of the fundamental color tables for SOHO
# LASCO images. These are not the same as those used in SSWIDL.  This is
# because the SSWIDL color scaling for LASCO level 0.5 and 1.0 is highly
# compressed and does not display the data well.
soholasco2 = deepcopy(mplcm.get_cmap("gist_heat")) = 'SOHO LASCO C2'
soholasco3 = deepcopy(mplcm.get_cmap("bone")) = 'SOHO LASCO C3'

# These are the SSWIDL color tables.
sswidlsoholasco2 = ct.sswidl_lasco_color_table(2)
sswidlsoholasco3 = ct.sswidl_lasco_color_table(3)

stereocor1 = ct.cor_color_table(1)
stereocor2 = ct.cor_color_table(2)

stereohi1 = ct.stereo_hi_color_table(1)
stereohi2 = ct.stereo_hi_color_table(2)

yohkohsxtal = ct.sxt_color_table('al')
yohkohsxtwh = ct.sxt_color_table('wh')

hinodexrt = ct.xrt_color_table()
hinodesotintensity = ct.sot_color_table('intensity')

trace171 = ct.trace_color_table('171')
trace195 = ct.trace_color_table('195')
trace284 = ct.trace_color_table('284')
trace1216 = ct.trace_color_table('1216')
trace1550 = ct.trace_color_table('1550')
trace1600 = ct.trace_color_table('1600')
trace1700 = ct.trace_color_table('1700')
traceWL = ct.trace_color_table('WL')

hmimag = ct.hmi_mag_color_table()

kcor = deepcopy(mplcm.get_cmap("gist_gray")) = 'MLSO KCor'

cmlist = {
    'sdoaia94': sdoaia94,
    'sdoaia131': sdoaia131,
    'sdoaia171': sdoaia171,
    'sdoaia193': sdoaia193,
    'sdoaia211': sdoaia211,
    'sdoaia304': sdoaia304,
    'sdoaia335': sdoaia335,
    'sdoaia1600': sdoaia1600,
    'sdoaia1700': sdoaia1700,
    'sdoaia4500': sdoaia4500,
    'sohoeit171': sohoeit171,
    'sohoeit195': sohoeit195,
    'sohoeit284': sohoeit284,
    'sohoeit304': sohoeit304,
    'soholasco2': soholasco2,
    'soholasco3': soholasco3,
    'sswidlsoholasco2': sswidlsoholasco2,
    'sswidlsoholasco3': sswidlsoholasco3,
    'stereocor1': stereocor1,
    'stereocor2': stereocor2,
    'stereohi1': stereohi1,
    'stereohi2': stereohi2,
    'rhessi': mplcm.jet,
    'yohkohsxtal': yohkohsxtal,
    'yohkohsxtwh': yohkohsxtwh,
    'hinodexrt': hinodexrt,
    'hinodesotintensity': hinodesotintensity,
    'trace171': trace171,
    'trace195': trace195,
    'trace284': trace284,
    'trace1216': trace1216,
    'trace1550': trace1550,
    'trace1600': trace1600,
    'trace1700': trace1700,
    'traceWL': traceWL,
    'hmimag': hmimag,
    'irissji1330': ct.iris_sji_color_table('1330'),
    'irissji1400': ct.iris_sji_color_table('1400'),
    'irissji1600': ct.iris_sji_color_table('1600'),
    'irissji2796': ct.iris_sji_color_table('2796'),
    'irissji2832': ct.iris_sji_color_table('2832'),
    'irissji5000': ct.iris_sji_color_table('5000'),
    'irissjiFUV': ct.iris_sji_color_table('FUV'),
    'irissjiNUV': ct.iris_sji_color_table('NUV'),
    'irissjiSJI_NUV': ct.iris_sji_color_table('SJI_NUV'),
    'kcor': kcor

# Register the colormaps with matplotlib so plt.get_cmap('sdoaia171') works
for name, cmap in cmlist.items():
    mplcm.register_cmap(name=name, cmap=cmap)

[docs]def show_colormaps(search=None): """ Displays a plot of the custom color maps supported in SunPy. Parameters ---------- search : str A string to search for in the names of the color maps (e.g. aia, EIT, 171). Case insensitive. Returns ------- None : none Examples -------- >>> import as cm >>> cm.show_colormaps() >>> cm.show_colormaps(search='aia') >>> cm.show_colormaps(search='171') References ---------- """ if search is not None: maps = sorted({k: v for (k, v) in cmlist.items() if k.lower().count(search.lower())}) if len(maps) == 0: raise KeyError(f'No color maps found for search term "{search:s}"') else: maps = sorted(cmlist) nmaps = len(maps) + 1 a = np.linspace(0, 1, 256).reshape(1, -1) a = np.vstack((a, a)) fig = plt.figure(figsize=(7, 10), dpi=128) fig.subplots_adjust(top=0.99, bottom=0.01, left=0.2, right=0.99) for i, name in enumerate(maps): ax = plt.subplot(nmaps, 1, i + 1) plt.axis("off") plt.imshow(a, aspect='auto', cmap=name, origin='lower') pos = list(ax.get_position().bounds) fig.text(pos[0] - 0.01, pos[1], name, fontsize=10, horizontalalignment='right')