class, header, **kwargs)[source]


AIA Image Map.

The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly is a set of four telescopes that employ normal-incidence, multi-layer coated optics to provide narrow-band imaging of the Sun. It provides high resolution full-disk images of the corona and transition region up to 0.5 solar radii above the solar limb with 1.5 arcsecond angular resolution and 12-second temporal resolution. It observes the Sun in the following seven extreme ultraviolet bandpasses: 94 A (Fe XVIII), 131 A (Fe VIII, XXI), 171 A (Fe IX), 193 A (Fe XII, XXIV), 211 A (Fe XIV), 304 A (He II), 335 A (Fe XVI). One telescope observes in the visible 1600 A (C IV) and the nearby continuum (1700 A).


Observer location: The standard AIA FITS header provides the spacecraft location in multiple coordinate systems, including Heliocentric Aries Ecliptic (HAE) and Heliographic Stonyhurst (HGS). SunPy uses the provided HAE coordinates due to accuracy concerns with the provided HGS coordinates, but other software packages may make different choices.


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Returns the observatory.

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is_datasource_for(data, header, **kwargs)

Determines if header corresponds to an AIA image

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Returns the observatory.

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classmethod is_datasource_for(data, header, **kwargs)[source]

Determines if header corresponds to an AIA image