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This package contains all of SunPy's test data.
import os
import re
import glob
import fnmatch
from pathlib import Path

import numpy as np

from import get_pkg_data_filename

import sunpy
import as _fits

__all__ = [

rootdir = Path(os.path.dirname(sunpy.__file__)) / "data" / "test"
file_list = glob.glob(os.path.join(rootdir, '*.[!p]*'))

[docs] def get_test_filepath(filename, **kwargs): """ Return the full path to a test file in the ``data/test`` directory. Parameters ---------- filename : `str` The name of the file inside the ``data/test`` directory. Returns ------- filepath : `str` The full path to the file. Notes ----- This is a wrapper around `` which sets the ``package`` kwarg to be '`. """ if isinstance(filename, Path): # NOTE: get_pkg_data_filename does not accept Path objects filename = filename.as_posix() return get_pkg_data_filename(filename, package="", **kwargs)
[docs] def get_test_data_filenames(): """ Return a list of all test files in ``data/test`` directory. This ignores any ``py``, ``pyc`` and ``__*__`` files in these directories. Returns ------- `list` The name of all test files in ``data/test`` directory. """ get_test_data_filenames_list = [] excludes = ['*.pyc', '*'+os.path.sep+'__*__', '*.py'] excludes = r'|'.join([fnmatch.translate(x) for x in excludes]) or r'$.' for root, _, files in os.walk(rootdir): files = [Path(root) / f for f in files] files = [f for f in files if not re.match(excludes, str(f))] get_test_data_filenames_list.extend(files) return get_test_data_filenames_list
def write_image_file_from_header_file(header_file, fits_directory): """ Given a header-only file ``header_file``, write a dummy FITS file with the same name to ``fits_directory`` Parameters ---------- header_file: `~pathlib.Path` fits_directory: `~pathlib.Path` Returns ------- fits_file: `~pathlib.Path` Path to dummy FITS file """ header = shape = [header[f'naxis{i+1}'] for i in range(header['naxis'])] data = np.random.rand(*shape[::-1]) if 'BITPIX' in header: data = data.astype([header['BITPIX']]) hdu =, header=header, do_not_scale_image_data=True, scale_back=True) fits_file = os.fspath(fits_directory.joinpath(header_file.with_suffix('.fits').name)) hdu.writeto(fits_file) return fits_file
[docs] def get_dummy_map_from_header(filename): """ Generate a dummy `` from header-only test data. The "image" will be random numbers with the correct shape as specified by the header. """ filepath = get_test_filepath(filename) header = _fits.format_comments_and_history( data = np.random.rand(header['NAXIS2'], header['NAXIS1']) if 'BITPIX' in header: data = data.astype([header['BITPIX']]) # NOTE: by reading straight from the data header pair, we are skipping # the fixes that are applied in, e.g. the waveunit fix # Would it be better to write this whole map back to a temporary file and then # read it back in by passing in the filename instead? return, header)
[docs] def write_header_file_from_image_file(image_path, header_path, hdu=0, **kwargs): """ Convert a FITS file containing an image and a header to a plaintext file containing only the string representation of the header. This is to be used in the context of generating header-only test data files. Parameters ----------- image_path : path-like Path to original image data FITS file header_path : path-like Path to header-only test data plaintext file hdu : `int`, optional HDU index of the header to write the header for Additional Parameters --------------------- Keyword arguments accepted by `` See Also -------- get_dummy_map_from_header """ with as hdul: hdul[hdu].header.totextfile(header_path, **kwargs)