Welcome to Sunkit-SST’s documentation!

This is a small Python module that allows the reading of icube and spcube files that are created by the reduction pipeline from the Swedish Solar Telescope (SST).

Furthermore, there is a basic visualisation module that uses Matplotlib to create a GUI. From this, it is possible to browse through the data and do a slit analysis. It is not intended to be a replacement for CRISPEX. More information on this GUI can be found in the GUI section as well as how a cube file is strucutred and the header variables.

Please note that this was created for SST cubes created in 2012 and has not been tested on cubes created from the current SST reduction pipeline.


To install, it requires NumPy and SunPy to be installed. These are also hard dependencies of the module as well.

Currently, to install, you have to use the setup.py, like so:

sudo python setup.py install


This is the most basic example possible with this code.

from sunkitsst import read_cubes

im_file = 'path to imcube file'
sp_file = 'path to spcube file'

im_header, im_cube, sp_header, sp_cube = read_cubes(im_file, sp_file)


Below are the functions included within this Python module.

sunkitsst Package

This is an Astropy affiliated package.


get_SST_header(afile) Takes a SST cube file handle and returns a header dictionary
get_SST_cube(afile, header, np_dtype[, memmap]) Given a SST data cube, a header dictionary and a computed numpy dtype returns a np array containg the whole data cube.
get_dtype(header) Takes in a SST cube header and returns the correct numpy data type
read_cubes(imfile[, spfile, memmap, n_wave]) High level read, takes file name returns header and data cube


PlotInteractor(data, pixel_scale, cadence, …) A PlotInteractor.
Slit(image_animator, pixel_scale) Doc to come.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of sunkitsst.visualisation.cube_explorer.PlotInteractor, sunkitsst.visualisation.slit.Slit