class solarbextrapolation.preprocessors.Preprocessors(map_data, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

A common class for all 2D pre-processing routines, tools used to pre-process the 2D sunpy map data for use in extrapolations. Usage can include basic filters for noise/contrast or algorythms to compensate for extrapolator assumptions, such as the force-free assumption that is assumed in many extrapolations, but isn’t true in the photosphere where magnetogram observations are generally taken.


map_data :

The sunpy map containing the data to be processed.

filepath : string

The optional filepath for automatic saving of preprocessed results.

notes : string

User specified notes that will be added to the metadata.

Method for creating a preprocessor object, using a sunpy map.

Methods Summary

preprocess(**kwargs) Method to be called to run the preprocessor.

Methods Documentation


Method to be called to run the preprocessor. Times the process and saves output where applicable.