irispy.sji.SJI_fits_to_cube(filelist, start=0, stop=None, skip=None)[source] [edit on github]

Read SJI files and return a MapCube. Inherits sunpy.instr.iris.SJI_to_cube to stitch multiple sji fits files stitched into one mapcube. Also sets colormap and normalization Assumes hdu index of 0.

  • filelist (str or list) – File to read, if single file string detected, will create a list of length 1.
  • start (int) – Temporal axis index to create MapCube from
  • stop (int) – Temporal index to stop MapCube at
  • skip (int) – Temporal index to skip over MapCube at

iris_cube – A map cube of the SJI sequence

Return type: