irispy.iris_tools.convert_or_undo_photons_per_sec_to_radiance(data_quantities, obs_wavelength, detector_type, spectral_dispersion_per_pixel, solid_angle, undo=False)[source] [edit on github]

Converts data quantities from counts/s to radiance (or vice versa).

  • data_quantities (iterable of `astropy.units.Quantity`s) – Quantities to be converted. Must have units of counts/s or radiance equivalent counts, e.g. erg / cm**2 / s / sr / Angstrom.
  • obs_wavelength (astropy.units.Quantity) – Wavelength at each element along spectral axis of data quantities.
  • detector_type (str) – Detector type: ‘FUV’, ‘NUV’, or ‘SJI’.
  • spectral_dispersion_per_pixel (scalar astropy.units.Quantity) – spectral dispersion (wavelength width) of a pixel.
  • solid_angle (scalar astropy.units.Quantity) – Solid angle corresponding to a pixel.
  • undo (bool) – If False, converts counts/s to radiance. If True, converts radiance to counts/s. Default=False

new_data_quantities – Data quantities converted to radiance or counts/s depending on value of undo kwarg.

Return type:

list of `astropy.units.Quantity`s