GOES Flare and HEK Plot Example

An example showing how to combine GOES and HEK data

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from sunpy.lightcurve import GOESLightCurve
from sunpy.time import TimeRange, parse_time
from sunpy.net import hek

Let’s first grab GOES XRS data for a particular time of interest

tr = TimeRange(['2011-06-07 04:00', '2011-06-07 12:00'])
goes = GOESLightCurve.create(tr)

Next lets grab the HEK data for this time from the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC)

client = hek.HEKClient()
flares_hek = client.query(hek.attrs.Time(tr.start,tr.end), hek.attrs.FL, hek.attrs.FRM.Name == 'SWPC')

Finally lets plot everything together

plt.axvspan(parse_time(flares_hek[0].get('event_starttime')), parse_time(flares_hek[0].get('event_endtime')),
            alpha=0.2, label=flares_hek[0].get('fl_goescls'))

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