sunpy.sun.solar_semidiameter_angular_size(t='now')[source] [edit on github]

Return the angular size of the semi-diameter of the Sun as a function of time as viewed from Earth (in arcsec)

\[Radius_{\odot}[rad]=\tan^{-1}\left(\frac{<Radius_{\odot}[m]>}{D_{\odot \oplus}(t)[m]}\right)\]

since \(tan(x) \approx x\) when \(x << 1\)

\[Radius_{\odot}[rad]=\frac{<Radius_{\odot}[m]>}{D_{\odot \oplus}(t)[m]}\]
Parameters:t ([ int, float, time_string, datetime ], optional) – Time, which can be either time_string, int, or datetime object. Parsed using parse_time. Defaults to the current time.