wsdl_retriever'HEC')[source] [edit on github]

Retrieves a link to a taverna WSDL file

This is essentially the master method, from it all the other functions get called and it essentially knits everything together. It gets a list of service links via webservice_parser(), then filters the results via taverna_parser(). Finally it tests all the returned taverna WSDL links and returns the first live taverna endpoint.

Parameters:service (str) – Indicates which particular HELIO service is used. Defaults to HEC.
Returns:wsdl (str) – URL to a single live taverna endpoint


>>> from import parser
>>> parser.wsdl_retriever()  # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA


  • Currently only support for HEC exists, but it was designed so that it
    could be expanded at a later date
  • There is a 3 second timeout lifespan on links, so there is potential for
    this function to take a while to return. Timeout duration can be controlled through the LINK_TIMEOUT value