sunpy.instr.rhessi.parse_obssumm_file(filename)[source] [edit on github]

Parse a RHESSI observation summary file. Note: this is for the Lightcurve datatype only, the TimSeries uses the parse_obssumm_hdulist(hdulist) method to enable implicit source detection.

Parameters:filename (str) – The filename of a RHESSI fits file.
Returns:value (tuple) – Return a tuple (fits_header, data). Where fits_header is of type Header and data of type dict


>>> import sunpy.instr.rhessi as rhessi
>>> fname, _ = rhessi.get_obssumm_file(('2011/04/04', '2011/04/05'))   # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA
>>> data = rhessi.parse_obssumm_file(fname)   # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA