sunpy.instr.goes.flareclass_to_flux(flareclass)[source] [edit on github]

Converts a GOES flare class into the corresponding X-ray flux.

Parameters:flareclass (str) – The case-insensitive flare class (e.g., ‘X3.2’, ‘m1.5’, ‘A9.6’).
Returns:flux (Quantity) – X-ray flux between 1 and 8 Angstroms as measured near Earth in W/m^2.
Raises:TypeError – Input must be a string.


>>> from sunpy.instr.goes import flareclass_to_flux
>>> flareclass_to_flux('A1.0') #doctest: +FLOAT_CMP
<Quantity 1e-08 W / m2>
>>> flareclass_to_flux('c4.7')
<Quantity 4.7e-06 W / m2>
>>> flareclass_to_flux('X2.4')
<Quantity 0.00024 W / m2>