Source code for sunpy.coordinates.wcs_utils

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import astropy.wcs.utils
from astropy.wcs import WCSSUB_CELESTIAL
from astropy.wcs import WCS

from .frames import (BaseCoordinateFrame, SunPyBaseCoordinateFrame,
                     Helioprojective, Heliocentric, HeliographicStonyhurst, HeliographicCarrington)

__all__ = ['solar_wcs_frame_mapping', 'solar_frame_to_wcs_mapping']

[docs]def solar_wcs_frame_mapping(wcs): """ This function registers the coordinates frames to their FITS-WCS coordinate type values in the `astropy.wcs.utils.wcs_to_celestial_frame` registry. """ dateobs = wcs.wcs.dateobs or None # SunPy Map adds 'heliographic_observer' and 'rsun' attributes to the WCS # object. We check for them here, and default to None. if hasattr(wcs, 'heliographic_observer'): observer = wcs.heliographic_observer else: observer = None if hasattr(wcs, 'rsun'): rsun = wcs.rsun else: rsun = None # Truncate the ctype to the first four letters ctypes = {c[:4] for c in wcs.wcs.ctype} if {'HPLN', 'HPLT'} <= ctypes: return Helioprojective(obstime=dateobs, observer=observer, rsun=rsun) if {'HGLN', 'HGLT'} <= ctypes: return HeliographicStonyhurst(obstime=dateobs) if {'CRLN', 'CRLT'} <= ctypes: return HeliographicCarrington(obstime=dateobs) if {'SOLX', 'SOLY'} <= ctypes: return Heliocentric(obstime=dateobs, observer=observer)
[docs]def solar_frame_to_wcs_mapping(frame, projection='TAN'): """ For a given frame, this function returns the corresponding WCS object. It registers the WCS coordinates types from their associated frame in the `astropy.wcs.utils.celestial_frame_to_wcs` registry. """ wcs = WCS(naxis=2) if hasattr(frame, 'rsun'): wcs.rsun = frame.rsun else: wcs.rsun = None if hasattr(frame, 'observer') and isinstance(, BaseCoordinateFrame): wcs.heliographic_observer = else: wcs.heliographic_observer = None if isinstance(frame, SunPyBaseCoordinateFrame): if frame.obstime: wcs.wcs.dateobs = frame.obstime.utc.isot if isinstance(frame, Helioprojective): xcoord = 'HPLN' + '-' + projection ycoord = 'HPLT' + '-' + projection wcs.wcs.cunit = ['arcsec', 'arcsec'] elif isinstance(frame, Heliocentric): xcoord = 'SOLX' ycoord = 'SOLY' wcs.wcs.cunit = ['deg', 'deg'] elif isinstance(frame, HeliographicCarrington): xcoord = 'CRLN' + '-' + projection ycoord = 'CRLT' + '-' + projection wcs.wcs.cunit = ['deg', 'deg'] elif isinstance(frame, HeliographicStonyhurst): xcoord = 'HGLN' + '-' + projection ycoord = 'HGLT' + '-' + projection wcs.wcs.cunit = ['deg', 'deg'] else: return None wcs.wcs.ctype = [xcoord, ycoord] return wcs
astropy.wcs.utils.WCS_FRAME_MAPPINGS.append([solar_wcs_frame_mapping]) astropy.wcs.utils.FRAME_WCS_MAPPINGS.append([solar_frame_to_wcs_mapping])